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IO games differ from others in the presence of a multiplayer mode, thats why gamers from all over the world sit for hours in these game universes because of the opportunity to play with other people, compete and pump their character. There are a lot of io games today with a wide variety of storylines. Your character can be a human, a superhero, an elf, a dwarf, a snake, a tank, an airplane, etc. All io games are not demanding on PC characteristics, so you can play online with other players even on an old computer.


How to play io games

After loading an io game, users are automatically divided into groups, after which they get into different game "rooms" and start to compete. Your goal is to become the first in the top of the best gamers. Usually there are no teams, everyone is "for himself", and you should pump faster than anyone to rise in the ranking to the leading positions.

The founder of the genre was the legendary game It implements extremely simple gameplay, the user starts playing with literally a small dot in the middle of the screen (a bacterium) and this non-standard gaming world has attracted the attention of thousands of gamers around the world.

After, other popular io games appeared, and today their selection is incredibly huge. Each has its own original plot with an exciting competition for agility, ingenuity and speed of reaction.

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