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The Zombotron Games offer an acquaintance with a distant planet that has experienced a large-scale catastrophe and now poses a threat to the rest of the world. What is left of the planet Zombotron after the explosions is easy to guess from the name of the series - an army of monsters, skeletons with shields and helmets, bloodthirsty zombies equipped with helmets and explosives and aggressive robots with picks and shovels and insects. Every enemy is trying to destroy an uninvited guest who has arrived on their planet.



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An armoured robot controlled by a player has been sent to explore the planet and colonize the Zombotron. The biorobot is dressed in armour and armed to the teeth and is virtually invulnerable, which allows him to perform all tasks:

  • destroy a certain number of enemies;
  • pass levels on time;
  • fight especially terrible and powerful monsters;
  • receive bonuses and valuable coins.

Parts of the Zombotron saga

Each game consists of ten levels, each one has 3 additional missions, the completion of which determines the number of stars received in the final level. At the end of the game, there will be a battle with the main monster of the unit.

The first part is the fight against various types of monsters and the implementation of the tasks set by the command.

The second game is a war against the mutated dead and the search for an intergalactic spacecraft.

The third episode - you need to find fuel and fill the mission spaceship.

How goes the storyline of the Zombotron game series?

It's very simple, you need to kill monsters and complete missions. The power of monsters and the complexity of tasks are gradually increasing. After all, we want the once wonderful and beautiful planet to be suitable for human expansion. To do this, you just need to play: kill all the monsters that have captured the destroyed cities and other parts of the planet-saving valuable items along the way and completing quests of intergalactic research laboratories.

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