Games Among Us - Who Is the Imposter?


The game "Among Us - who is the imposter" has become one of the main events for gamers of all ages. If you like to play Mafia, it will be impossible to tear yourself away from this game. In some ways, both entertainments are similar, only in the games of the Among Us series it takes place on a spaceship, and the game characters are made in the form of funny astronauts.


Classic Among Us

In the game Among As, all gamers are divided into ordinary astronauts and traitors. You can try yourself in any role, as they are distributed randomly.

There are a majority of peaceful astronauts. If you are one of them, you will have to wander through the compartments of the spaceship and do various repairs. But traitors are usually from 1 to 3 people, in the game they are called impostors. This is a difficult but interesting role. When playing as a traitor, your goal is to covertly kill as many normal crew members as possible, and also sabotage repairs. To quickly move around the ship, you can use the ventilation shafts. It is good to hide in them, and then suddenly jump out and attack the astronauts.

Fan versions of Among Us

The classic "Among Us - who is the imposter" is an online multiplayer game. Here, people from different parts of the world can meet on the same ship. But in addition to this main game, there are also many fan versions in the same style, only the plots and tasks in them are very different. You can choose the genre to your taste:

  • action;
  • arcades;
  • seizure of territory;
  • racing, etc.

You can play as a "good guy" or an imposter who strives to commit some kind of betrayal. Moreover, in your inventory you have a variety of weapons: from bows to heavy cleavers. It is important to be accurate, careful, fast - you want to win! This is the main idea of ​​all the games in the Among Us series.

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