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Yandex is the largest search engine familiar in the CIS countries. If you want to have fun and pass the time, then Yandex games are what you need. A variety of categories, from board games to racing, shooters and fights, are waiting for you in Yandex Games.


Popular Yandex games

Among the most popular games in the Yandex section is a series of games "Vex": a brave ninja has to overcome obstacles and get to the door to the next level. You need parkour and quick reaction skills to react to what is happening and dodge sharp saws, flying balls, rolling logs and other dangers on the way. If platformers do not attract you, then you should pay attention to games in other genres:

  • Multiplayer games (IO);
  • Logic games;
  • Simulators;
  • Skill games;
  • Dance and music;
  • Games for two

Yandex games for boys and girls

Each child will find the game that he has long dreamed of. In the Yandex Games category, for example, there is FNF, where both boys and girls arrange musical battles. In an endless series of FNF, the player will have to fight with unusual antagonists for the hand and heart of his beloved. For girls, there are games similar to Cookie Clicker, where the player will create new desserts for his own pastry shop. A distinctive feature of such Yandex games is that here you only need a mouse for a full-fledged gameplay. You need to combine the same sweets with each other and thus create new ones. There are similar clicker games about cars, futuristic aircraft, monsters, cats, and much more.

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