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For the first time, the legendary Snake game was released along with Tetris. It appears and runs around the screen collecting food. In the process of eating, the size of the body increases and it becomes more and more difficult to control the snake. Online games of the Slitherio series are an interpretation of the old Snake game with multiplayer.



Most snake games share a common feature in the form of crawling creatures that consume a variety of food to increase their size. The task of the players is to gain as much mass as possible and control the largest snake on the map, eating the rest of the opponents.

How to play snake online?

Adhering to a passive strategy, collect resources and move away from other rivals. Experienced players, having mastered the skill of a battle worm, take part in fierce fights to the death. Playing in multiplayer, wage a hungry war against opponents from all over the world and devour other snakes to increase the mass of the python. By collecting resources, increase the weight of the kite, use cunning and lure dangerous opponents into traps. At the place of death of the snakes, collect the nutrients that have fallen out to become even stronger and more dangerous.

Path to the first place

Any of the presented games has the same rules. The snake must not approach the edge of the map, because certain death awaits there. To kill the enemy, you need to make him crash into the tail or torso. The worm will die if you touch the enemy, so look around carefully. In games of the Snake series, you could get bonuses of a temporary increase in speed, expansion of the field of view, and other things. Also, the snake can accelerate, which will be useful in moments of chase. Catch enemies and make them make mistakes, then devour the remains to eventually take the top 1. Cold-blooded creatures that use the acceleration skill gradually lose mass and reset points. You can search for opponents using the random method, or you can occasionally glance at the map. On the radar, you can track competitors, and then corner and destroy them. The larger the worm or snake, the more difficult it becomes to control, and even the smallest enemy, sneaking up unnoticed, can kill you.

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