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Meet the funny and smart car Willie, who lives in a beautiful city of cars. It is picturesque and fun here, and the people are kind and helpful. Nobody exceeds the speed limit, there are no fines, and the roads lead to the most bizarre places. But Willie regularly gets into all kinds of trouble. He can be absent-minded and careless, so all sorts of ridiculous situations happen to him.


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Kids games with Willy's car

In games about Willie, the car needs to be repaired, taken out of pits, transported over holes, and much more. And sometimes incredible events happen to him: aliens fly from nowhere or meteorites fall from the sky. But Willie is saved by resourcefulness and good reaction. This virtual car gets out of any situation.

A smart and funny car is always ready for adventure. Are you ready to play with it? Willy's car games for kids perfectly train logic and reaction. Download any of them online, and go on a journey through the colorful world. You can help Willie fix wheels, chat with aliens, or find your girlfriend. It is a small car, but very brave, so you never get bored with it. It's time to ride with the breeze!

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