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Friday Night Funkin' (abbreviated as FNF) is a popular indie rhythm music game developed by Ninjamuffin99 that combines catchy music, colorful graphics and rhythmic gameplay. Friday Night Funkin has a huge community of modders who are constantly creating new mods. FNF mods have captivated hundreds of thousands of gamers all over the planet.


How to play Friday Night Funkin game

You will play as a character named Boyfriend (BF), who is crazy about his girlfriend Girlfriend (GF). But the girl's stern father is against their relationship. To get approval, Boyfriend needs to show his singing talents by defeating his rivals in a musical battle. Control the main character Friday Night Funkin, who will have to enter the music ring and defeat his opponents. The controls in the games in the Friday Night Funkin series are extremely simple. You need to monitor which symbols and arrows appear on the screen and press the appropriate keys on the keyboard at the right time. But the rhythm gradually becomes more complicated, and you need to move your fingers faster and faster.

FNF mods online

The mod community of FNF games creates truly masterpieces, developing the community by creating new games with a fascinating plot, inventing and borrowing characters from other multiverses. Mods have been released with characters from other games such as Mario, Sonic, Pico, Poppy Playtime, Rainbow Friends, Undertale, FNAF, Among As. In addition, there are separate series of mods based on the cartoons Pibby, Shaggy Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, Pokemon, SpongeBob and many others. More than 2000 FNF mods have already been released, some of which are available to play online on the GamesGo website.

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