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Welcome to the world of fiery rhythms of Friday Night Funkin Game and FNF mods! FNF has conquered hundreds of thousands of gamers around the planet. You will play as a character named Boyfriend, who is crazy about his Girlfriend. But the girl's stern father is against their relationship. To get his approval, Boyfriend needs to show his singing talents by defeating rivals in a musical battle.


How to play Friday Night Funkin mods

In Friday Night Funkin, the protagonist will enter the musical ring and face many rivals attracted by Girlfriend's dad and mom. Even the parents themselves are ready to compete with Boyfriend. But all these obstacles only strengthen the feelings of the beloved. Perhaps it is thanks to this romantic plot that the FNF game became so popular.

The controls in the games of this series are extremely simple. You need to keep track of what characters appear on the screen and press the appropriate keys on the keyboard at the right time. But the rhythm is gradually becoming more complicated, and you need to move your fingers faster and faster. You can show miracles of reaction and prove to your girlfriend's father that you are worthy to date her? It's time to check it out in the weekly music ring!

Download the original Friday Night Funkin or one of its many mods with different opponents. There are a lot of games in this series, so you can hang out for a long time with different music that perfectly cheers you up.

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