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Blaze and the Monster machines are always looking for new friends and adventures. Take part in incredible races on the tracks of Axel City, get out of mazes, do exciting stunts. All this is so interesting together with AJ, Flash and other Monster machines!


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Kids games Blaze and the Monster machines

Games from this series are suitable for everyone who likes heavy trucks, and pickups. These are machines for real heroes! You drive a cool monster truck with huge wheels, and nothing counts.

The main character is a big red pickup truck Blaze, and in most games you need to control this cheerful strongman. It can transform into different designs to be tested. And you can choose someone from his partners with other unique abilities. Starla, Roar, Daredevil and Zag are at your service. There is even a girl in the team of Blaze and Monster machines - cute and sympathetic Gabby. She always helps with repairs and tuning.

Blaze and the Monster machines games are usually created in the prize-racing genre. It is not so easy to win, because the player is usually confronted by serious opponents: the evil Crusher and his assistant Cucumber. These are also machines with an irrepressible passion for victory. You need to try hard to be the first to reach the finish line.

But Blaze and the Monster machines live not only with speed and competition. They just love different adventures, especially those related to technology and mathematics. What challenges do they face? You will be able to find out the answer when you download any game of your choice.

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