Stickman Games


Stickman games are known and loved all over the world. The character is extremely simple - a stick man who has neither clothes nor a face. Only a dark, thin silhouette, but very charming. Stickman lives in a gaming world with simple graphics and constantly gets into different adventures. Now you can relive all these incredible stories with him. Save friends and entire planets, fight enemies and take part in competitions. It will not be boring!


Games with stickman

The famous Stickman always comes up with something, builds, breaks and gets involved in adventures. You can choose entertainment in any genre: shooters, arcade games, competitions. These games are united only by the fact that they all have the ubiquitous Stickman and he needs to complete different tasks.

You can plunge into any story with a stickman, it's always exciting emotions. But Stickman's fights deserve special love - clever tricks, any weapon and absolutely crazy fun! And even if he doesn't seem like the hero at all, because he does not have a mountain of muscle or superpower, Stickman is incredibly brave and terribly curious, and he also loves to fight very much, so boys simply adore him.

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