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Minecraft universe games have a simple design and infinite possibilities of creativity. Here you find yourself in the world of 3D cubes, where you can shoot, run, build, get resources and create completely unique objects. This is a great opportunity for those who want to take a break from the classic Minecraft, try something new.


Minecraft: the story of the cube universe

Minecraft literally translates from English as "mining skill". This game was invented and created by programmer Markus Persson. At first, he did not have a large team, he had to work alone. But gradually the game became very popular, and Persson created his own game studio.

Why are so many players crazy about Minecraft? It's about simple design, an interesting world and endless possibilities. Minecraft actually looks simple when compared to modern games. But here a variety of plots are possible, you have to constantly overcome obstacles and achieve goals, so playing is never boring.

Minecraft game collection - mine, build, fight

In Minecraft games, everything consists of blocks (pixels), which are similar to a children's construction set. These little squares can be broken, installed, connected, and also used to get resources and make items. A real Minecraft player will never get tired of playing, because there are an infinite number of games in the Minecraft universe.

Our collection contains games in which you can:

  • get out of the maze;
  • participate in running competitions;
  • work in a taxi;
  • collect fruits and more.

Make your way into deep underground mines, rush through the fields, run along the paths of the heavenly city. You can play alone or with other players over the network. Moreover, each game has a description and instructions, so it will not be difficult to choose.

My games

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