Beauty Games


Cartoon heroines, like ordinary people, need new outfits and beautiful makeup: you can change your hairstyle, choose an outfit, get a pedicure and manicure - in other words, you need complete care, like in the best fashion salon.


Games about making yourself beautiful - how to play

The heroines who appear in the virtual beauty salon rush to dress up for a variety of events: dates, interviews, travel, and hosting. The player's task is to help to prepare for the important day. First, do your hair, then apply makeup, and then choose an outfit in accordance with fashion and find the right accessories.

Games from this series are made for girls of a creative nature. In cartoons, the heroines often do not change their image at all, and it’s so interesting to imagine how they look with glamorous makeup or in another dress. All this can be done in the beauty game.

If a girl has long wanted to try herself as a stylist or make-up artist, she will definitely not be bored. Personal care may be needed by both a romantic Disney princess and a daring pirate. And sometimes cats and bunnies even come to the hairdresser - everyone wants to look good!

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