Jumping Games


Jump on the platforms, in the water, through obstacles and precipices - get as many bonuses as possible for your jumps and become a winner. But be careful! If you had a bad fall or collide, you will have to start the level over. Only the most agile and fastest will reach the end.


Fun online jumping games for kids

Jumping games are a great choice of virtual entertainment, where you can have fun and relax. You can jump on the ground, in the water or even in the air. Each player will find an option to his liking, you just need to choose what is closer for you and try your hand. And it's especially fun to do exciting jumps while running, so as not to get caught or be the first to come to the finish line.

In each such game, you can feel like a clever hero of a movie or cartoon, who needs to make a desperate jump to get on the roof, get to the window or get away from the pursuer. Master different techniques and gradually increase the complexity. Jump with a parachute or pole, help the character to set new records and defeat rivals.

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