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Brawl Stars is one of the top popular MOBA games of our time. Everything that players value so much is present here: endless battles, brave fighters, opening chests with prizes and, of course, pumping characters. The essence of the game Brawl Stars is to defeat another star squad at any cost.


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One of the first Brawlers that the player receives control over is Shelley Shotgun. She is armed to the teeth and so accurate that even the hawk's eye is jealous of her. There will also be other heroes, there are more than 30 characters in the game that have yet to be unlocked. Each of them will have their own abilities, weapons and combat skills.

Fighter classes in Brawl Stars

All Brawlers are divided into five classes, each of them has two, or even more, dangerous soldiers. Warriors, throwers, cheerleaders, heavyweights and marksmen are the squads that will be available to every player. Among them there is a magician called a fire caster, an assassin (a secret killer) and a big man who can "tank" and destroy everything in his path. To unlock new heroes, you will need to complete tasks from the Brawl Pass, as well as go through the path with trophies and play as much as possible. And don't forget about character leveling, which is very important in the Brawl Stars cycle. If you do not improve the fighters, then they will constantly lose to enemies.

Battle modes in Brawl Stars

Games of the Brawl Stars series are not limited to ordinary shooters and walkers. Among them there are puzzles and coloring pages that children will like. If we take the classic Brawl Stars as a basis, then there are dozens of scenarios here, such as collecting crystals, robotics, royal battles and much more. Battle Royale is called "Clash" here and, despite the differences in names, the goal remains the same - to survive. In this mode, a poisonous cloud is formed around the edges of the map, which will destroy everyone who gets into it. It gradually narrows, and the fighters will eventually meet face to face, and only one can survive. You can also create your own cards together with Brawls and get precious crystals for this, which are necessary for pumping and opening chests. In total, there are about twelve battle modes, and the most popular is the capture of gems, where the fighters will have to take crystals from the enemy and try to keep them.

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