Running games


Run the fastest, jump over obstacles quickly, be the first to reach the finish line! Especially for those who like these feelings, runners games were invented. Such runners are liked even by those who are not very active in sports in real life.


Running games for children on Android, iOS and PC

Running games usually consist of several levels. First, the player is waiting for training, during which he learns to avoid obstacles and collect bonuses. Then you move on to the game itself, where you have to participate in a marathon or run away from the pursuers, and you should do it the best you can to get into the table of outstanding runners.

The plots in such games are also different. Whether to become a thief, an athlete, a cowboy, an alien is up to you. The player has to control a fictional character or a well-known character from a cartoon or movie. In any case, you will not be bored, because you need to show what you are capable of running and along the way to collect items or overcome obstacles. And if you can not pass a certain level, do not be upset, because you can always start over.

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