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With online tank games, time flies by. These are always interesting and unpredictable adventures that children and adults just adore. Anyone can take part in exciting fights, changing the course of the battle in their favor. Our collection represents the most popular and newest games.


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Equipment for a real tanker

Probably every boy from an early age dreams of driving a real tank. Legendary combat vehicles are at your disposal:

  • T-34;
  • Shermans;
  • Panthers;
  • Abrams;
  • IS-2;
  • Tigers and other well-known models.

You can also control a modern Russian, American, German tank. And for the little ones there are cartoon tanks - funny and simple. You can fight both in historical combat locations and in fictitious places.

What are html5 tank games

Tank games for boys can be different in design and difficulty, but the principle is always about the same: you need to use your heavy equipment to shoot at the enemy. At the same time, on the playing field there can be various shelters and bonuses that help in battle. And the tasks of battles are different:

  • protect your flag;
  • quickly destroy the enemy;
  • take the enemy base by storm, etc.

The player has only one combat vehicle, and the enemies at each level are getting stronger. Only ingenuity and dexterity can help you avoid damage. But accuracy is also important, which allows you to quickly destroy the enemy.

There are also games that are not related to the war or the capture of the base. In them you can play tank football or take part in races on military vehicles. In any case, the entertainment is interesting and exciting.

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