Worm Games


Worms are slimy and nasty creatures, but not in the world of video games. Here they are presented as cute, but sometimes dangerous. The Worms genre combines games with the slightest hint of the presence of worms.


Slitherio-style games live here, as well as logic games. Therefore, Worms cover the gaming audience of all ages.

Dangerous and slimy

Worms in games are not only small, as in reality, but also huge, like in films about aliens. Therefore, it is recommended to crawl around them, but, often, the player is invited to control such a giant and devour everything around. This is exactly what awaits in Slizario games, where the hero is initially small and defenseless, but gradually grows and eats not only food, but also counterparts, who also strive to devour him at the first opportunity. There are two main categories of Worms games in total. In the first one, which, by and large, is intended for little gamers, everything is colorful and cute, and the player controls a cute worm with a face. Here the main task is to collect fruits or sweets and the more you burst, the more you become. In the second one, everything is much more serious. Here you need to fight with the same toothy killer worms and try to take first place in the leaderboard. This is the only way to prove superiority over rivals. The most dangerous worms can be attributed to Jimm, who has been familiar since the days of Sega. Among these games are the good old Worms, where cute, but armed to the teeth, worms crawl around the map and fire cannons, bows and catapults to destroy the enemy team.

Multiplayer and endless fun

Most Worm games are designed for dozens of players at the same time. Multiplayer in this genre implies fierce battles between worms of different types. These slimy creatures are fighting for prize-awarding top spots on the leaderboards, and the one who manages to gain the maximum weight wins. In such online games, friends unite in groups to help in leveling and gaining mass, and also fight with each other. You can have fun not only in multiplayer, but also alone. A number of puzzle games offer a break from the battles with many snakes and other crawling creatures. Here you have to do difficult puzzles, controlling a gluttonous worm, who is not going to move to the next level without a snack on an apple.

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