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Agario games allow you to see how dangerous the life of tiny bacteria is. Every day they are devoured by the enemy with a larger mass. To prevent this, you need to constantly eat and try to devour the rest.


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Agario multiplayer io games allow you to compete with players from all over the world. There are endless battles ahead for the right to be called the king of viruses. The more you eat, the healthier you will become, and this is the main goal of games of the Agario genre.

Joint adventures and fierce battles

The battlefield is a Petri dish: a vessel used in microbiology and chemistry. Friends can compete with each other on the same map, or form an alliance to destroy the rest and take a place on the leaderboard. Crawl around the map and collect colorful dots that help you get bigger and more dangerous. Gradually gaining mass, the player becomes prey for the session participants. The fact is that after the death of the bacterium, points swallowed earlier fall out of it. If you collect them, you can instantly become bigger and stronger. In Agario, everyone chooses the strategy that he likes best. Crawl around the world and eat small grains or be an evil devourer and destroy everyone who meets on the way. Bacteria will not give up without a fight and therefore pvp is inevitable, before you rush at them with your fists, gain strength.

Easy of control of games are popular, among other things, due to the ease of control. Bacteria and viruses are controlled with a mouse or arrows. Also, dot eaters know how to speed up, and this skill is useful in moments of chase or hide and seek. Another skill is to distract attention by spitting out eaten dots. Among other things, you can still be divided into two parts, and so on ad infinitum. So you can gather an army and move much faster, but at the same time, enemies can easily gobble up an army of mini-bacteria. You can only devour an enemy if your mass exceeds his. Agario and similar games in the series have only one goal - to take first place and stay as long as possible.

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