Slither io Games [Slitherio mods]


In the games of the "Slither io" cycle, the participant controls a small snake, which needs to crawl from edge to edge of the map and eat colourful dots: sweets that act as food. You will have to eat other worms, no matter what size they are!


Rules and controls of Slitherio games

Games of the Slizar io series are loved by users because of their simplicity and clarity. Here, all you need is to crawl around the map in search of weak opponents. To control the snake, only the mouse is required, but sometimes this is done using the arrows or the WASD keys. When you figured out controls, it is worth choosing the right strategy to eventually take top 1 on the leaderboard. Worms and snakes devour each other, but not in the case of a head-on collision. To kill the enemy, you will need to make him crash into the body or tail. At the place of death of the players, there are points and resources that he swallowed earlier. Gather resources as soon as possible before the rest of the enemies swoop in. So you can quickly gain weight and become much stronger and more dangerous than before. The victory will be in your pocket if you follow the rules in the Slither io world:

  • Closely monitor the movements of enemy snakes;
  • Devour the resources encountered on the way;
  • Think logically to lead opponents into traps and kill;

And most importantly, you should remember that the larger the snake, the more difficult it becomes to control it, and the speed and manoeuvrability also decrease.

Diversity in the world of Slitherio

Slither is not limited to snakes. In this series of games, there are others that are no less exciting. For example, you can go on a stellar journey on a spaceship, and already in outer space start an endless war and attack the same shuttles. Here, as in an ordinary snake, the ship can be made larger and more massive if you absorb stars and dangerous enemies. Also, Slitherio is a game about harvesters, where humming machines have replaced worms. Harvest wheat and thus increase the number of trailers behind the harvester. It is worth remembering that in some of the Slither games presented, you can harm yourself, and therefore you need to carefully watch where you crawl, go or fly.

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