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There are both fun games for six gamers, and ordinary board games, where there will also be no time for boredom. And the main thing is that not a single participant will sit on the sidelines while others cheerfully click on the buttons and laugh, looking at the monitor.


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Fun games for six players

The "games for six" section has a lot of fun that will suit a wide variety of companies. For example, girls are encouraged to take turns using the mouse and dress up cute princesses, as well as do hair and makeup. Boys focus on racing, shooting games and skill games. All these things are in a game called "Mini Fights". This 6 player game will give you hours of endless fun. Here, each of the six players can take turns choosing which game to launch, and there is also the option to do it randomly so that there are no disputes.

Controls in games for 6 players

Games for a company, in particular for six gamers, have easy intuitive controls. Some games require only six buttons - one for each user, while others, more complex need key combinations. For example, this could be the following buttons:

  • WASD and arrows;
  • 1, 2, 3 and 5 on the numeric keypad;
  • I, J, K and L;
  • Home, Del, End and PgDn.

With the help of these keys, the heroes are controlled, and the main actions are often assigned to such buttons: Enter, Space, E, F, Shift and others. Thus, players can independently decide who will control which keys and, by dividing the keyboard and mouse equally, start the fun. Special attention should be paid to the game for six called "G-Switch", where players are given one runner each and their main task is to change gravity in time and not touch objects on the way.

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