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The old woman from the Angry Granny series of games does not need help crossing the road. She can easily handle this on her own. The gray-haired runner will easily give odds even to experienced athletes: she is able to beat anyone who gets in her way with a newspaper, a road sign or a stick.



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Her adventures seem to never end. Crazy Grandma has already visited Brazil, Miami and many other cities. Everywhere, a very angry old woman escapes from a psychiatric hospital, where she was taken for attacking passers-by.

The story of the evil old woman

An elderly granny ended up in the hospital when she started fighting crime in her hometown. She, armed with a newspaper, began to beat the hooligans and at the same time took away their money. Despite her defenceless appearance, she easily copes with even the most healthy opponents. After that, the energetic, round-shouldered old woman ended up in a hospital, but she did not like it there. Having made an escape, the gray-haired hag rushes along the road and is not going to stop, and even if she is caught, she again runs away from the nurses. The main task is to help the old runner overcome as much distance as possible. At the same time, you can’t stumble and crash into the barriers, because then the orderlies will catch up with the old woman and again put on her white slippers and a straitjacket.

Difficult way from the hospital

The game has no end, and the crazy granny can run indefinitely. It all depends on the endurance and reaction of the player. There will be a lot of gold coins on the route, which are recommended to be collected. With their help, a pensioner can buy new outfits and some improvements. Innocent pedestrians will roam along the road, who pretty much tormented the main character. They should not be spared - beat everyone who fell under the arm. Over time, depending on the distance traveled, the running speed and the number of obstacles will increase and it will become more and more difficult to control the gray-haired runner.

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