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The main characters in the games from the Bomb it series are active robots that explore dangerous labyrinths. At the same time, they compete with each other who will defeat more enemies and destroy obstacles. Choose your robot and download the Bomb it game to take part in an exciting competition.


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Let's check who is the most dexterous: play, bomb it and win!

The Bomb it series is reminiscent of the classic Bomberman, which appeared on game consoles back in the 80s of the last century. This is an updated and more colorful version, but here you still have to play as bomber robots. Only they look more interesting, and the missions are much more diverse than in the old Bomberman.

In the Bomb it games, you need not only defeat the enemies in the maze, but also do it better than your friend. This is a kind of survival race, only speed does not matter much here, and usually the most cunning and dexterous wins. It is important not only to be the first to do everything, but also to be careful, because there are enemies and traps everywhere.

Our collection contains all the parts of Bomb it. Each level is interesting to pass for two, comparing the reward points with the result of a friend. Try to expand the playing field to full screen, place the bombs correctly, deal with all opponents and earn bonuses!

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