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Many children enjoy life in the village, because there are so many animals and unfamiliar plants. But if there is no way to go out of town, you can learn about village life in farm games. You will find an excellent collection of online simulators on our website: from popular masterpieces to new products with non-standard tasks.

In this section, you will see many great farm games with nice graphics, fun music and an intuitive interface.


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Farm games for kids

Farm games are equally interesting for girls and boys. Their plots can be different, but usually it all starts with a small farm, which needs to be looked after, and then gradually developed.

In farm games, various exciting tasks are invented:

  • to create your own garden;
  • to buy animals;
  • to get products;
  • to equip the territory and much more.

The player goes through level after level, gets achievements and rejoices when the economy gradually grows. Such games are not only fun, but also useful, because at the same time the child studies animals and plants, explores different products, and learns the basics of business. The kid understands why it is important to harvest, keep order in the yard, look after the garden, etc. In a word, it is fun and informative.

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