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Frog games are all about colorful designs and fun adventures. Frogs are bored in a forest pond and they do not sit still. Frogs start to travel: they jump over bumps, cross busy roads, participate in competitions and even fight with space monsters.


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Games with frogs - how to spend time

A frog is a dexterous and restless creature, these brave heroines are ready to show not only their cozy pond, but also the world far beyond its borders.

What can you do in children's games with toads? Your frog will face difficult trials:

  • travel on a fabulous map;
  • do puzzles;
  • fight villains;
  • participate in sports and much more.

Together with the green heroine, you can go to ancient civilizations, high into the sky and even into outer space, a jumping and nimble tree frog will help you to have fun!

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