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If you want to cheer yourself up and have some fun, the games from the Happy Wheels series will fit just fine. All of them are dedicated to crazy races with obstacles. To get to the finish line, you need to overcome many dangerous traps and mechanisms.


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Happy Wheels as an entertainment that tickles your nerves!

In classic Happy Wheels, you'll play as a positive grandfather who can't get out of his wheelchair, but enjoys life to the fullest. Together with him you can go through a survival race and get into the most exciting adventures.

However, all online games from the Happy Wheels series are quite violent. They are full of bloody scenes, so they are by no means suitable for everyone. Often, at the end of the Happy Wheels game, the character gets to the finish line without separate body parts, if it is possible to do so at all... Many gamers first watch the walkthrough, and then only risk trying. Will you be able to make it to the end? The task is definitely not an easy one, because any careless movement leads to the fact that the hero falls into a trap or loses a limb. Open the games of this series and try your hand at crazy survival races!

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