Platformer Games


Do you like to jump through levels, go through mazes and fight enemies? Arcade platformers will suit you: a bright and dynamic plot, as well as many special effects and various tasks. It's time to test your strength and dexterity!


Jump on the platforms - go through the levels and win

Platform games differ in that the main character can move and climb different platforms, ropes and ladders. In doing so, he needs to collect items and fight to win the level. Almost every platform game also has power-ups that temporarily give the character different abilities. Then it becomes even more interesting to play, because with one blow you can defeat many enemies at once or jump to the height of several floors.

In the collection of 2d platform games for children, you will find a variety of plots and places:

  • go through the maze;
  • get out of the jungle;
  • climb to the roof of the building;
  • explore an alien planet.

But it's not limited to climbing! Don't forget about collecting items and bonuses that you just need to touch. And don't let the enemies get too close to you. After all, when touching a character, they deprive him of his life force. The opponent can usually be defeated by jumping or using weapons.

As you can see, everything is simple, and to control it is enough to remember just a few keys. You will quickly orient yourself and will surely cope with the task.

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