Simulator games


Do you like to fantasize and try on other people's roles? Then you will definitely like our simulators, because in these games you can feel like a legendary racer, a brave rescuer, an airplane pilot, a farmer - anyone!


Real emotions with simulation games

Choose an interesting situation and plunge into the maelstrom of events:

  • car and motorcycle racing;
  • flights on rockets and fighters;
  • own business;
  • in the animal world.

Simulators are really addictive, but this is their advantage. Here you can choose the reality in which you want to be. At first, you can feel like a pilot of a fighter jet, after an hour or two - get behind the wheel of a racing car, and then completely become a lion-hunter who tracks down the victim. However, the events in many flash games vary depending on your choice, so you can implement any fun ideas.

Simulators from our catalog are available without downloading on a PC, you can download the game directly in your browser. The collection has entertainment for all ages. A child can play children's games with dinosaurs or fairies, and older players can enjoy exciting space simulations.

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