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Game blocks are similar to Tetris, but with some changes: the pieces do not fall from above, but are sharpened in the window, from where the player takes them and sets them on the playing field.


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The main differences between Tetris and blocks

The primary task is to stack the blocks so that they form a solid line without gaps. In this game, Blocks are similar to Tetris, because here also filled rows will explode or be erased from the field, thereby making room for new figures. The main rule is not to allow the area to be so full that there is no room for new cubes, because in this case the game will end in defeat. And the main goal is to score the maximum possible number of points that are issued for the placement of figures and their erasure.

Block games

You can play with blocks endlessly, because you will never get tired of games and they help to pass the time. Games differ from each other in some little things, like:

  • Blocks in the form of fruits, animals, monsters;
  • The presence of complex puzzles involving blocks, where they need to be placed competently and thoughtfully;
  • The presence of bonuses such as bombs and lightning.

Also in the "Block Games" section there are puzzles where you need to use not only logic, but also fantasy. For example, sometimes the game requires you to arrange the given figures so that you get a full-fledged picture in the form of a flower, an anchor, a hat, and much more. The complexity of such tasks lies in the fact that the blocks here are installed in any free place and you can place them where it was not meant by the game. This action will result in an error, since then there will be no space left for the rest of the shapes.

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