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The Spot the difference games are small puzzles that test your wit and attentiveness. Will you be able to complete all the levels? At first glance, this seems easy, because the rules are extremely simple:

  • examine the pictures carefully;
  • look for dissimilar parts;
  • click on them with the mouse.

But Spot the difference games vary in difficulty, so they are suitable for different ages. It is especially difficult when there are time constraints. Each stage is given a certain number of minutes, and the timer inexorably counts down the seconds. You need to have time to see all the little things to get a pass to the next level. And if you do not have time, you will have to start over.


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Spot the difference - child benefit

Games in the genre Spot the difference are considered one of the most useful, as they develop perseverance and concentration. These qualities will definitely come in handy in life. Moreover, the games have nice design and animation, so it's just a pleasure to spend time behind them.

At GamesGo everyone can test their attention to detail. All games are downloaded online, so there is no need to download anything, just an Internet connection. Download the puzzle directly in your browser and go through level after level, receiving virtual rewards.

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