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If you decide to spend time behind the screen of your phone or tablet, feel free to choose the best Android games from our collection. Complete tasks, participate in competitions, fight!

What can you play on Android?

It's no secret that child's games are now less played on consoles or computers. Children are most interested in mobile phones. They get smartphones quite early. Many children have Android phones, and there is no such child who has not downloaded a game on a mobile phone at least once. Many guys even have their own top favorite toys.

Mostly boys and girls are crazy about clickers, fighting games, runners: all of them are instantly loaded on a smartphone with Android and time for the games flies by unnoticed. Moreover, the entertainment is suitable for children of different ages. From the age of 2-3, the child can master simple games, and thanks to a large selection of genres, you can choose entertainment for him that develops different abilities: reaction, counting speed, thinking, etc.

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