Pop It Master Online

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Pop It Master Online
Pop It Master Online
Game controls
Press Pop It

Description and purpose of the game

It's a fun sticky game featuring all kinds of Pop It and their little brother, Simple Dimple. There are eighty of them in total, and your task is to collect an impressive collection, which you can then show off to your friends. You will have to press all the balls on the figure to eventually add it to your arsenal.


How to play

In total, there are eight Pop It collections that must be collected to unlock access to the secret mode. All toys differ in various shapes in the form of smileys, ice cream, and other things, as well as the number of balls that need to be pressed. Choose the ones that you like best and try to burst all the bumps as quickly as possible, because it's not only fun, but also develops dexterity.

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Cool how long will it take


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