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Games from the series "Football with heads" are created for real soccer fans. Here you can forget about the standard rules, relax and have fun to the fullest, sending the ball into the opponent's goal across the entire field. This kind of entertainment is equally enjoyed by both children and adults. Bright colors, simple interface, funny music and talented soccer players are waiting for you.

There are 11 players in the main football team, but in these games everything is much simpler. Each gamer controls 1-2 footballers who run across the field, jump high and mainly use their heads for strikes. It looks quite unusual and very exciting.


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Head soccer games for two

Usually Head Soccer is designed for two players, but in some games you can play against the computer. The main task is the same as in real sports - to score as many goals as possible into the opponent's goal. Some games even have a unique opportunity to choose your favorite football star, which adds excitement to the process. You can feel like you are at the World Cup or in the midst of fighting for the FA Cup.

Download Head soccer together or play against the computer. There will be no difficulties with controls, since each game has its own instruction.

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