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Real football fans who want to work out penalties can now do it in our online games. This is a great opportunity to practice free kicks anytime! Let's see if you can score more goals than your opponent and get to the top of the leaderboard. Make accurate shots to the goal as much as possible and win the penalty shootout to enthusiastic shouts of fans.


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The football stadium froze in anticipation - can you win the penalty shootout?

The most exciting finals of the World Championships, Champions League and other similar tournaments end with penalty shootouts. The fans are watching the match with bated breath. The whole stadium tenses and freezes in anticipation of a penalty. Just imagine what it would be like to decide the outcome of a major competition with a few shots on goal. In a penalty shootout game, you can feel it.

The rules are extremely simple - take shots on goal and score as many goals as possible. In some games, you can also try yourself as a goalkeeper. And with each level it becomes more and more difficult. You need a good reaction, resourcefulness, and intuition. After all, it is very difficult to catch a ball that flies from the 11-meter mark. The distance is short and you need to react instantly.

There are penalties games that are designed for one player or for two. You can compete with a computer or a friend for a place in the top of the tournament table.

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