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Pixel games offer a brief return to the days of 2D graphics. This is a whole era in the gaming industry when there was no cool design with detailed pictures. Some indie game developers still create pixel art worlds, and they have their own charm.


Pixel games: from classics to new developments

There are different types of gamers: some have cool designs with deep details, like in the real world, while others like old games like Dandy or Sega. The pixel graphics in the game are just right for those who are not averse to plunge into the past.

Today, retro style in online games, oddly enough, is popular not only among adult players. Until now, children's pixel games are often released, and many guys are crazy about them. Look at Minecraft, which is very popular with school children today. However, this is not surprising, because once their parents themselves sat at the blue screen and played mesmerized. Children have become the same, and many of them do not need fancy graphics at all.

Pixel toys still compete quite well with the latest 3D universes. Horror, RPG, shooting games and many other genres can be found in this category. Simplified graphics do not implore their merits, because the main thing here is the plot and exciting tasks.

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