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As the brave Vanellope says: "There should be a lot of good friends!" And there are definitely a lot of Ralph Thug, and you will not get bored with him. In the online games of this series, you will experience exciting races in colorful cars. And in between competitions, you can do puzzles, paint or do make-up for Princess Vanellope in the beauty salon. There are many entertainments, and time flies by.


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Ralph embarks on a gaming journey again!

In 2012, the Disney company released a cartoon called Wreck-It Ralph, which in Russian translation is better known as simply "Ralph". The cartoon had an incredible success, and many children are just crazy about it.

The main character has long been a villain who lived in the world of a slot machine. Other characters considered him unfriendly and harmful, no one knew that his heart was filled with compassion and kindness. The hero wanted to be useful to his comrades, and he also dreamed of receiving a prize, which only positive characters receive. But as long as he was perceived negatively, it was impossible to dream of such a thing. So Ralph decided to change the general opinion.

The cartoon Wreck-It Ralph is filled with ideas of kindness, friendship, mutual assistance, and children's games about this character turned out to be no less positive and interesting. In them you have to help the brave Thug and his girlfriend Vanellope. And you can feel like a master in many genres: from exciting races to puzzles. Each game with funny Ralph tells its own story, there is entertainment for both toddlers and older children.

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