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The Winx fairies are once again saving the world from villains, and this time you can help them. And in your free time from magical battles, you can pick up an outfit for the beauties, do makeup and style your hair. All this in our collection of the best Winx games.


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Games with Winx fairies for girls

Let's leave the boys their races and soldiers. Girls are more interested in beauty, magic, nature and outfits. All this is just there in our Winx games. The plots are based on the adventures of six fairy girls from the animated series Winx Club: Fairy School. These restless students of the Alpheus School often get into adventures, and now you can do it with them.

For girls, they have already released clothes, cosmetics, notebooks and many other things with beautiful fairies, and now even colourful online games have been created. Here the heroines conjure, participate in competitions and prepare for dates, they invite you to get to know their life, habits and friends better.
All your favourite characters are here: Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, Flora and Layla. Each of them will become your friend on a journey through the fascinating world of magic, friendship and love.

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