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To train your vocabulary, as well as test attention and thinking, there is nothing like an entertaining word game. Not everyone will pass the test for ingenuity, but the more interesting it is to try your hand. In these games you have to collect, guess and form different words. Only those who have well-developed logic and memory will be able to correctly complete all tasks.


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In a fascinating world of words

Word games are produced for children and adults. These are entertainments of varying complexity and themes, which help to train the brain at leisure and have an interesting time. Here erudition and resourcefulness will definitely come in handy for the gamer.

The word game will especially appeal to those who love Crocodile, Scrabble and other similar entertainments. Logic tasks are different:

  • compose a familiar word from a big set of letters;
  • do a crossword puzzle;
  • do a filword;
  • add a sentence, etc.

A lot of browser toys with colorful designs have been created on this topic. Children's games in this section are especially suitable for children who have started to learn a foreign language. In a playful way, you can practice vocabulary and learn new concepts. And if difficulties arise, you can always take a hint.

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