FNF vs Dave/Bambi v2.5

1056 players
FNF vs Dave/Bambi v2.5
FNF vs Dave/Bambi v2.5
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Description and purpose of the game

Dave and Bambi are new characters to fight in a rhythm battle. It is important to defeat each of them, but it will not be easy to do it. Besides them, there are two more heroes (Tristan and 3d Dave) who can be unlocked in free mode. There are three weeks (level) in total. The first one has three melodies and even one bonus. The second also contains 3 tracks, but the final one consists of only one song - Splitathon.


How to play

We pay attention only to the arrows flying from the bottom up. At the moment when they will come into contact with the figures located above the boy's head, you need to press the corresponding keys. It is important not to rush, but also not to hesitate. Everything must be done on time to earn points and ultimately defeat both Dave and Bambi in a musical battle.

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unfairness kills me when ii play it?

POV: Ghost tapping is forced off! screw you!

To get unfairness: activate downscroll then play cheating and press 7 on cheating and thats all tips

I unlocked unfairness!!!

This FNF mod is "funkin" Good!


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