Ancient Samurai Jigsaw

2 players
Ancient Samurai Jigsaw

Ancient Samurai Jigsaw
How to play
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Description and purpose of the game

In the game you will find 12 pictures, which are disassembled into a number of parts. On an easy level of difficulty, you will need to assemble a drawing consisting of 25 pieces, and then incrementally. Do not be afraid that you will not have time to complete the puzzle in a certain time, because there is no timer. Gradually increase the complexity and divide the paintings into finer details. It will take longer, but you have nowhere to rush.


How to play

Choose one of the offered pictures and start assembling it piece by piece. To do this, grab the parts with the left mouse button, and then drag them to the desired location. Look for those that are magnetized to each other - this means that they clearly have to stand side by side. You can also navigate by the drawing itself and adjust the lines, but this will be a little more difficult than the previous method.

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