Barbie Galaxy fashion report

45 players
Barbie Galaxy fashion report

Barbie Galaxy fashion report
How to play
Dress up Barbie

Description and purpose of the game

A grand event will take place very soon in the world of fashion, a new trend of the season is "Galactic Fashion". As you know, beautiful Barbie is always in trend. Therefore, she has decided to take part in this interesting fashion show. You must help Barbie prepare carefully to be on top. There is very little time left!


How to play

You have to make a stylish and unusual make-up for her. To do so, you have at your disposal the most popular cosmetic products of expensive brands. Mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, glitter and much more. After this stage, proceed to the selection of clothes in the galactic style. Today you are a designer and you have the opportunity to create unusual galactic outfits yourself. You should highlight the galactic image of Barbie with accessories and a new hairstyle.


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