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In Thor games you have to try yourself as a god of thunder who protects people from various monsters. This hero is ready to fight with any monster. Thor fights with a magical flying hammer, thanks to which he is literally invincible. The god crushes opponents with it even at a distance.


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Play as the god Thor - travel and fight!

Thor is one of the sons of the supreme Scandinavian god Odin. This mighty warrior inherited great strength and a sense of adventure from his father. The Thunderer begins his journey in the divine world of Asgard, but quickly descends to Earth, and then completely rushes into space. Together with the Avengers team, the hero will visit many famous and even very dangerous places from the Marvel comics universe. Moreover, the hot-tempered Thor is never without fights, which is well shown in games about this character.

If the opponent does not attack himself, the hot-tempered god will be the first to get into battle. So the brave hero is preparing for the predicted end of the world - Ragnarok, which sooner or later will suit his evil brother Loki.

Thor is a god, but in fact he is vulnerable, so in any game you need to try hard so that the character survives and wins. Pass level after level and don't let the insidious monsters beat you. Otherwise, you will not be known as a glorious hero and defender of all the oppressed.

Are you ready to embark on exciting adventures and fight enemies? Then download any Thor game for kids from our collection!

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