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Wolverine (Logan) is a true legend of the X-Men comic book series. He is not just a superhero, but a cool mutant who is able to help his friends out of any trouble. Games with Wolverine will appeal to anyone who understands comics. Exciting action and drive await you!


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Logan is the most famous hero of the X-Men. A lot of films, cartoons and comics have been released about him. Of course, this immortal character is also present in computer games. Brave and hot-tempered superhero is always ready to fight for peace and justice. He is surrounded by crowds of opponents, but with his claws, Logan confidently pushes his way to the goal. The mutant has well-developed instincts and physical abilities, so he is practically invincible in battle.

Our collection contains games about different adventures of Wolverine. There are runners, fights, puzzles and other online entertainment for all superhero fans. There's something new waiting for you in every Wolverine game. You need to defeat an insidious mutant or an evil monster, reach the finish line faster than anyone else, or do a puzzle. Games are designed for different ages: from the smallest gamers to teenagers and adults who love comics.

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