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Power Rangers games are full of adventure and thrilling fights. Everything is like in a famous children's cartoon, from which girls and boys are simply crazy. Choose your favourite ranger and go fight against the monsters that are trying to take over the world!


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In every Power Rangers game, you will feel like a superhero who fights against evil and injustice. Characters in colorful costumes have their own unique skills and qualities. Each hero has his own color, and he cannot change it, so you can’t confuse them for sure:

  • The Red Ranger is the leader of the team, he is the everywhere first and he is very self-confident;
  • Green is an impulsive one and he likes to have fun;
  • Yellow is a kind and sympathetic girl who supports the team in difficult times and always comes to the rescue;
  • Blue is a talented techie who understands robots and weapons, often helps friends with equipment and repairs;
  • Pink is a sweet but brave girl with great shooting talents.

You can choose any hero or even play all five. Together they can turn into a giant powerful Megazord - a combat robot with unique abilities.

In this series, puzzles, shooters, racing, arcades are released. There is an interesting game for everyone who loves stories about warrior rangers.

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