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Assassin games are mega popular with kids of all ages. The main character in them is a professional killer who performs secret missions or pursues his own goals. He silently glides through the streets, taking life with melee weapons or firearms. Assassin lives in a world of intrigue, exciting combat and conspiracies. Only the bravest dare to join him.


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Assassin games for kids - feel like a dangerous killer

In every kid's online assassin game you have to play the role of a secretive and agile killer. It is necessary to eliminate the target, and at the same time to survive and hide silently.

Tracking down your enemy is not easy. You need to understand where he is hiding and how he is armed, find out about all the nuances, and then deftly attack at the most unexpected moment. This is exactly what a warrior does in every assassin game. Here endurance, ingenuity, and strategic thinking are perfectly trained. After all, a real killer has no right to make a mistake - you need to try to pass the level the first time and flawlessly. These pros carry out their missions with virtuosity and are well trained, otherwise, they will not be able to cope with their mission.

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