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Construct a train

Description and purpose of the game

Sometimes you need to drink vitamins to boost your memory, but also you need to train it like all other parts of your body. Thus, you have to study, not to forget something important. This game can help you with this. It will be especially useful for kids because here, they need to create trains for dinosaurs. Firstly, you need to choose a carriage in which the creatures will travel and then assemble it and let the passengers in.


How to play

We have repeatedly said that the brain is a muscle that needs to train if you want to become smarter. It is especially important for kids because their organisms are growing, and knowledge is the food. That’s why if you would like to continue growing and developing, you need to work hard. Now it’s not necessary to study in preschool or school to acquire new knowledge or improve memory. You can even do it at home by launching this game. Here you need to learn every detail of the train and the location of dinosaurs as you will need to repeat everything as it was.

Game is not working?

HTML5 games work in all browsers and do not require the installation of plugins

If the game does not start, try the following:

  • Refresh the page (F5 key for computer)
  • If you use an ad blocker, disable it
  • Wait longer if you have a low internet connection speed.
  • Try opening the game in a different browser. (Google Chrome or Yandex.Browser)

If all else fails - let us know.

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