Jaywalking Legends

27 players
Jaywalking Legends

Jaywalking Legends
How to play
Pedestrian control

Description and purpose of the game

One of the resort cities of South Australia during the peak of the resort season a lot of cars got to the city. The traffic was so heavy that the drivers stopped following the traffic rules. They started driving on the red light, drive on the curbs, and pedestrian crossings which resulted in many car accidents. Even regular pedestrians suffered from this terrible situation.


How to play

In the game called Jaywalking Legends, your mission is to help people to get to their point of destination such as to work, favorite cafeteria, store, and other places. You need to cross the street very carefully otherwise you can end up being hit by one of the cars on the road. Each destination point is marked by the green glowing circle. Watch the green pointing arrow and it will show you the right way. Use the left mouse button to control pedestrian movement.

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