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Sometimes even deep sea whales go on adventures! They will have to engage in exciting battles, solve puzzles, and compete with rivals. These incredible whales just love active games, and you can join them.


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Fights, playing catch, colorful puzzles - choose and have fun

Not all sea creatures are friendly. A whale is usually considered a peaceful animal, but if he suddenly gets angry, his enemies will have a hard time, it is not easy to cope with such a big guy.

Games in this genre are usually made as a free fantasy - you find yourself in an open water space full of rivals. To win, you need dexterity, good reaction, courage and, of course, passion.

Although not in every whale game you have to fight or play catch. There are quite peaceful entertainments: for example, jigsaw puzzles in which you need to add colorful pictures. Such games for children are useful for mental development and they help to have a good rest from noisy shooters.

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