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Games with wolves are an opportunity to become the hero of your favorite child's fairy tales. Many exciting adventures await you. In one game, you have to protect piglets from a fanged robber, in another one - to become a wolf yourself, in the third - to add wolf puzzles and much more.


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Games with wolves have a lot of funny stories. Usually in them you can feel like a hunter, a shepherd or a free member of a wolf pack. And there are completely unexpected roles, for example, a hairdresser, a cook or a robot constructor.

It is especially interesting to play as a wolf. There are different kids games in which you can choose the color, gender and name of the hero. Then you find yourself on a farm, in a city or in a forest, where you can meet different characters and complete tasks. As a reward, you receive bonuses and gradually increase in level.

Entertainment is designed for different ages. There are games for two or one player. Moreover, not all plots are related to the hunt for sheep, pigs or other animals. You can collect puzzles, help on the farm, create families and raise wolf cubs. For children, games based on famous cartoons and fairy tales will be especially interesting, but there are also completely original stories fascinating no less.

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