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Snail Bob has been traveling for a long time and you can join his adventures. Bob will have to solve different puzzles and get out of difficult situations. Train your logic and get positive emotions with the hero!


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The complete series of snail bob games for the adventurous

Snail Bob games are great for kids of all ages. Both toddlers and older children, as well as many adults, can play them. This resilient character gets into a variety of adventures: in space, in Egypt, in the winter at the North Pole. Even though he crawls slowly, but always reaches the goal.

Each game about Snail Bob is a story with a well-thought-out plot, bright graphics and light, pleasant music. At the same time, it looks funny and exciting.

Video games of this genre are somewhat similar to games about Willy's car. Here, too, you have to go through different levels, solve puzzles, press different buttons and handles. The main thing is to help Bob get out of a difficult situation, because there will be many obstacles and dangers. At the same time, there is no need to rush anywhere, you can think for your own pleasure: Bob will not crawl anywhere without your instructions.

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