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Kizi is a one-eyed green monster who loves to travel. He constantly has ideas that the alien immediately strives to bring to life. In Kizi games, you can help treat patients, conquer the vastness of space or participate in races. Avoid dangers, defeat enemies, be the first!


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Kizi is the ubiquitous alien from outer space

Have you long dreamed of a small pet in the form of a funny alien? Then it's time to make friends with Kizi in any fun game from our collection. Go with him to conquer space and visit other planets!

Our green alien is a very colorful person. In each game, the active nature of little Kizi is evident. He not only explores other planets, but also likes to have fun playing football or basketball with his friends. You never know what will come to the monster's mind, but it will definitely be interesting.

All Kizi games are similar in that fun adventures await the player. Sometimes real dangers await you, but everything ends well in the end: the enemy is either defeated or runs away. You can even launch some games for two, competing with a friend.

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