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Games from the Red Ball series are exciting and funny adventures of a Red Ball who never stands still and bravely fights against opponents on his way. A fun cocktail of arcades, quirky characters and puzzles awaits you. You have to play for a hero named Red Ball, and he looks extremely simple - like a real ball. Just don't judge by looks! In fact, he is a brave hero who fearlessly rolls towards dangers.


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Red ball games

Games from the series "Red Ball" have a fairly simple plot. Once something terrible happened in the kingdom of red balls. The peaceful lands were attacked by insidious creatures - gray cubes who want to make everyone around them their slaves. Enemies are going to turn red balls into their own kind, and then use them to commit villainy in other lands. But this will not happen while our hero is alive and in a hurry to the rescue! This is where his incredible adventures begin.

The series is divided into several games called Red Ball 1, 2, 3 and so on. And there are also flash games that are based on these famous arcades, that is, with the same hero, but in a slightly different style. The main thing is that each of them has our little red guy, and he is ready for great things.

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